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Student Voice

Student Leadership Team

Students are encouraged to become involved with the work of the Student Leadership Team which is made up of elected representatives from each year group and is chaired by our Head Boy and Head Girl.  Students suggest agenda items, discuss all aspects of school life and contribute to the evaluation and further development of teaching and learning at CHS.  Students also form a panel to meet and question prospective new members of staff when they come for interview and their opinions are considered during the selection process.

In addition, each year the Head Boy and Head Girl are invited to become Associate Governors and to attend full governor meetings to represent the views of the student body.  These views are then presented formally to the full Governors meeting in the Spring term.

A small number of students also represent the school in Student Voice groups in the local community, such as  the Youth Council or Youth Forum, working alongside their peers in local secondary and primary schools.

Post 16 Management Group

Our Post 16 provision has its own management group, which meets regularly with staff to represent the views of students and to assist in planning future events.

  • “Student voice is a strength of the school.” Ofsted Dec 2014
  • “The head boy and head girl are active associate members of the governing body and students regularly participate in the appointment of staff.” Ofsted Dec 2014
  • “Students are able to learn first hand about British values of democracy by voting for their form representatives to voice their views on the year leadership team and for their year representatives to ensure that their views are heard on the whole-school student leadership team.” Ofsted Dec 2014