Our Alumni

We are building a register of our alumni to share their stories with students who may be wondering where their studies could take them or be confused about the different routes at 16+. Using these accounts as case studies in our newsletter and on posters around the school, our young people can learn about and take inspiration from those who were once where they are now. We hope to enable students and parents, both today and in the future, to see the varied careers our alumni have progressed into and also demonstrate the many different routes to success.

If you attended one of the schools on our Box Lane site (Congleton High School, Heathfield High School or Congleton County Secondary School for Boys) and are interested in being part of this project, please contact our Communications Officer, Katrina Kenyon, by email: kkenyon@congletonhigh.com or call 01260 730123.

If you would like to keep in touch and up to date with the school and our alumni, we have a Congleton High Facebook page, a Congleton High group on Linked In, a Twitter account (@congletonhs) and also Instagram (congletonhs).

Please take a look at the first of the stories we have to share. Click on the names or photos to learn more about our former students' career paths after leaving CHS:

Patrick Wilson  1969 edited 1966-1971 Patrick Wilson - Retired Senior Atomic Energy Technologist

 "Always take learning opportunities and be ready for change. I never turned down a chance to learn and ended up teaching others."

MC 1984-1989 Mark Cartwright - Technical Director, Stoke City FC

“Through adversity, hard work AND only because I had an education behind me I have been able to achieve what I have in life as a professional sportsman”

IMG_5105 1985-1990 Jamie Smith - Executive Director, South Staffs College

"I realised a long time ago that education really is the only way to transform your life chances."

Yvonne_School_Yr10a 1989-1986 Yvonne Wallace (Fraser) - Geophysicist, Australia

"A sincere thanks to all those teachers and other staff who made our school life so rich."

Sarah Johnson Image 1998-2004 Sarah Johnson - Head of Visual Art, Singapore

"Choose a path that is inspirational to you as an individual. You have to be able to enjoy your job and want to go to work every day."

school pic 2001-2008 Beckie Morley - Community Musician

“It’s really nice to work in such a rewarding job, where you make lots of people happy every day, through music”

Me in Year 7 2006-2010 Lauren Edwards - Senior Patent Consultant, Arizona US

"Now I ask myself: 'What would you do if you weren't afraid?' - it helps me realise that my fear may be holding me back and that I should move out of my comfort zone if I want to progress."

Ronan Clayton 1 cropped 2008-2013 Ronan Clayton - Hair Stylist/ Colourist

"I left with my GCSEs under my belt and, as a bonus, was also crowned Prom King!"

Booth_Jayne_002762_MZPYAYVU Year 10 _ 2008-2015 Jayne Booth - Manufacturing Technologies Intern, Airbus UK

'The preparation I received at CHS was invaluable and the opportunities far beyond any experience my current peers had'